About School

Final Building PhotoOurs is a well established activity based school in Nashik. which is stepping ahead smartly. We have provided feasible options. We offer the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum as well as the State Board (SSC) curriculum. We are looking forward to groom and educate the children smartly- Be it Academics, Intelligence, Arts, Neatness, Quickness, Fashion, Sports or Technology.

The School with full-fledged infrastructure came into existence on 1st April 2011. Initially it came up with the Pre-Primary Section and now it has classes from Playgroup to Grade VIII following the CBSE curriculum. and Playgroup to Grade X following the SSC curriculum.

Unique methodology : Learning through Activity

The School is unique because it is based on the concept “Learning through Activity”. It has been discovered and proved that the most vital years in any person’s life to form prominent features of personality starts from childhood to adolescence i.e. 2.5 to 16 years of age. After birth, at the very early age, a child’s mind is like a sponge, it absorbs everything it sees, it feels, it hears and whatever it observes. Children learn new things very fast. Hence In every school, the management should think and act very alertly while nurturing and educating the child and this is done at Global Vision International School with a lot of love and care.

Secondly our school is unique in Nashik because it has bifurcated its syllabus (CBSE & SSC) right from the grass root level, i.e. Pre Primary. It helps the kids to cope up with the chosen curriculum right from the Nursery class. The students don’t face any hassles in when they enter in Grade I, whether it is CBSE or SSC, as their foundation is very strong.

“Nothing is as pious as knowledge.” Following this philosophy, we have designed the curriculum of pre-primary very sensitively and with utmost care. Today’s generation is advanced and smart, so most advanced technologies should be used to impart the knowledge skillfully. We use Smart Boards. Our teachers prepare their own audio visual power point presentations (PPT) of every lesson. We have observed the tremendous, wonderful impact on students learning by the continuous use of smart boards. We not only make use of the advance technology only; but also use different latest as well as traditional resources for the development and growth of our students. We arrange a number of field trips and excursions relevant to the lessons and subjects to give our students practical knowledge through real experience. For e.g. Language teachers take students to show Book Exhibitions, Public libraries, Kusumagraj Udyan, Theatre show, Drama etc. so that the students come to know about various types of books and other literary forms other than their academic texts. Science related field visits are arranged to Botanical Gardens, Medicinal Factories, Chocolate, biscuits making factories, Medical Shops, Hospitals, Planetarium, Science Exhibition etc. There are outdoor activities which develop students into bold and all round personalities.


Our answer is that, while we prepare our students to meet Global challenges, we also ensure that they retain their Indian Sanskars. In our school, we aim to develop a system in which learning is self-directed, individually paced, continuous and reflective. And teaching focus is shifted from being teacher-centered to student-centered.

For achieving the objectives specific efforts will be made to provide education and learning opportunities to our students to :