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& stop not till the Goal is Achieved

Global Vision School

Kids Pre - School | CBSE | SSC



2022 - 23


Our Vision

Mentor each child to be an inspiring and achieving child who is known and heard in and out of the classroom and challenged, supported in growing as an Ideal Citizen to the Nation contributing to be Great Leaders, Administrators, Scientists, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and ultimately Ideal Families. The fountain for all this is our children, “The ideal children that we aim.”

Our Mission

We are committed to specialize, universalize and humanize education for all. Our students will not only become learned persons but also responsible global citizens. Their multiple intelligence & inquisitiveness will be enhanced with our rich Indian cultural and traditional heritage. Our mission is to Inspire, Encourage and Guide our students to become:


Global Vision School?

We prepare our students to understand, imagine, discover, innovate and contribute to success in a rapidly changing society. Global Vision Focuses on developing the skills and character of a child challenging him/her to ensure that they retain their Indian Sanskars and Morals without being left behind in this competitive world. In our school, we aim to develop a system in which learning is self-directed, individually paced, continuous, and reflective, and our well-qualified teachers strive hard to linchpin teaching focus on keeping the study student-centered and not teacher-centered.




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Mrs. Snehal Bagul


Online classes are really good for children. As they trust their teachers more than their parents they listen to them carefully. Teachers are also doing honest efforts for them. Now about was conducted very nicely. Abhi and I both enjoyed it a lot. Deliberately I was sitting with Abhi for all papers except the last one...I wanted to notice his speed, spelling mistakes, and grasping power. Happy to say you that Abhi has written all his papers in a single sitting and within time except for Hindi. Though it was OBT I was serious about it, and he was also. Though it was with books the grasping power and understanding of questions was there in it. It is really fruitful for students. Thanks to all teachers and you also for your sincere efforts

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Mr. Mohan Joshi.


It is a nice experience of learning and achieving skills. My daughter, Taruna is enjoying online classes but problem is that the password and id should not be changed again and again and create a timetable of ids and passwords. 
Thank you

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Mrs. Vasundhara Pawar 


Nowadays COVID-19 has spread all over the world. Hence the schools have accepted the emphasis on online study for students. The online class is a new concept and a good source of education during this lockdown period of COVID-19. In this situation, the world is suffering from a tough fight against a dangerous virus i.e. Students are anxious about the future. But our schools have decided good option of online classes. All the staff is very disciplined they surely Co-operate, solve problems of every situation, very calmly, soundly, and safely. And the second thing, all teachers teach very properly and solve each and every problem. All the sessions are going on very well. Those 40 minutes of classes are fully utilized and the syllabus is being covered smoothly. Tests are also conducted very easily. Director madam is a very ideal woman. She has all the time to handle every situation very carefully n calmly. She is very punctual. Really, 'Global Vision School is a motivational and ideal school of Nasik.'