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 “All the world's a stage and all men and women merely players.”

Vision:- To emphasize rigorous artistic training and discipline in the classroom, in rehearsal and on the performance stage.

Mission:- To prepare students to become professional actors. Drama is a word of Greek origin meaning "action" and referring to a performance on the stage in which actors act out the events and characters of a story. 

                Preparing to act involves developing students’ language, communication skills, personality, memorization skills and much more. We teach them to act in various Dramas scripted in 4 languages Marathi, English, Hindi & Sanskrit. The languages are taught in the form of dramatization and effective strategies. “The walls speak, the walls sing...It’s all about music occurring in the classrooms.”  

“The world is theatre and we all are actors “Shakespeare”

  • Acting makes person more expressive.

  • Students learn correct pronunciation, face – expression, expert

  • Body language.

  • Important part of personality development.

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