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MKCL software for Online Education

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Global Vision International school successfully ran the 4 days long 'Teacher Empowerment Program' featuring the 4th session namely 'MKCL software for Online Education.

Since the advent of online learning, teachers are making use of a lot of different software and applications like zoom, Webex, teams, google meet, etc. However, a commonly observed aspect about these apps is that all of them are used by teachers, students, corporate employees, working professionals, etc. thus holding no exclusivity only for the educational purpose. Seeing this 'Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Learning' developed an app called MKCL software to be exclusively used for the educational sphere only.

Mr. Amit Ranade(GM, MKCL), Mr.Makrand Belgaonkar(Nashik co-ordinator MKCL), and Mr. Subhash Patil (V.P kumbharthon India) presented the utility, tools, features, and handling of the software in the simplest manner. To put the glimpse of software in a nutshell, immediately after the login (for both teachers and students) it shows the dashboard, the date-wise section, assignments, recorded lectures, live lectures, instant quiz and a lot more.

Though the pandemic wave is being seen receding a little still the teaching-learning fashion has now changed to online- physical going hand in hand opined Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Manerikar, Director GVES.

After the thought-provoking QnA session where the teachers quenched all the queries regarding the using and long run benefit of the software, the session concluded with Mrs. Soma Singha Roy proposing the vote of thanks.

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