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        Welcome to GVS, where we offer an energetic and diverse sports programme. We aim to promote and teach values associated with healthy living, encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity, thereby making a major contribution to the overall education of our students.

               We pride ourselves on a high level of student involvement in sports and believe that participation in purposeful, competitive interscholastic athletics will help our students lead full and valuable adult lives. Our competitive edge is balanced by a commitment to a ‘student first, winning second’ principle, and our enthusiastic and experienced coaches encourage everybody to take part.

               The mandatory school programme comprising soccer, basketball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, volley ball, swimming and track & field is complemented by the Youth Sports Programme (YSP). This programme takes place on Saturday mornings or after school hours from Monday to Friday when there is coaching in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, cricket, badminton and swimming.

If your child joins GVS, we hope that he or she will become an integral part of the school’s sporting life, not only gaining valuable athletic experience but also building strong friendships along the way!

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