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High Tech Education with Holistic Approach Tools For Education

The most innovative tools are the blend of High Technology and Human Aesthetics we consciously created to take the students on a predesigned path of education.....

Our Unique Library Schemes

The well-stocked library still occupies a central role in the communication of knowledge. It enables us to interact with great minds and marvel at their creativity and powerful, yet simple expression, of their thoughts and inventions. They enrich our minds, inform us, and open a treasury of noble thoughts. Reading a good book makes us learn, think, smile and, even laugh out loud! A library is a place with vibrating ideas. It is a repository of medicine for the mind. A library is a house of hope where we all, whatever our situation, can feed our ideas and develop our dreams. Innovative library schemes by Global Vision are enriched with all kinds of books. Along with our students and staff, we encourage our parents to be well-read as well.

  • Book bank scheme         :-    Students belonging to the financially Weaker section are provided with books under this scheme.

  • Book Donation scheme :-   Anybody can donate useful books to the library so we can provide books for free to the poor and needy.

  • Class Library                     :-    Every class has a special tiny library of 50 books in their own classroom.

  • Library for Parents         :-    We have a special section for parents consisting of books on various topics including Parenting, Fiction, Poetry, Biographies, etc. One of the most important features of our library is that it is an open-access library. Our staff is supplemented with and inspired to refer and read quality books.

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